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  System information as of Tue 31 Oct 2023 09:37:02 AM CST

  System load:  0.05               Processes:               138

  Usage of /:   62.7% of 68.11GB   Users logged in:         1

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  Swap usage:   0%

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Expanded Security Maintenance for Applications is not enabled.

13 updates can be applied immediately.

13 of these updates are standard security updates.

To see these additional updates run: apt list --upgradable

26 additional security updates can be applied with ESM Apps.

Learn more about enabling ESM Apps service at

New release '22.04.3 LTS' available.

Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it.

通常来讲,linux通过/etc/motd中的文本作为输出内容,可能简单的列出一段欢迎语。而ubuntu将motd(message of the day)改为了一个模块,



如果想要改善这个问题,只需要在/etc/update-motd.d/ 目录中,查看那些脚本程序,将不太重要或者延迟严重的脚本移除即可。