swift 简明教程

在IOS8的WWDC发布会上,一款叫做Swift的编程语言发布了。Swift对比Oc显得十分的现代化,它被人们看作“快速 现代化 且安全 有趣”的一门编程语言。而且swfit的编程语法 似乎对web开发者更加友好。如果你对javascript有点了解 那么你很快就能用好swift了。Along with the announcement of iOS 8 and Yosemite, Apple surprised all developers in the WWDC by launching a new programming language called Swift. At AppCoda, we’re all excited about the release of Swift. We enjoy programming in Objective-C but the language has showed its age (which is now 30 years old) as compared to some modern programming languages like Ruby. Swift is advertised as a “fast, modern, safe, interactive” programming language. The language is easier to learn and comes with features to make programming more productive. It seems to me Swift is designed to lure web developers to build apps. The syntax of Swift would be more familiar to web developers. If you have some programming experience with Javascript (or other scripting languages), it would be easier for you to pick up Swift rather than Objective-C.